Greenfinch sound aleko and stelyo

Συζήτηση με θέμα Greenfinch sound aleko and stelyo, που ξεκίνησε από headdat, στο Forum 'Γενικά για Ιθαγενή Πουλιά - Υβρίδια' του PetBirds, 9 Απρ 2008.

  1. headdat

    headdat PB New Member

    aleko and stelyo named birds.
    Aleko lived between 1973-1990 years.
    In Stelyo it is the bird of same time.
    Bird crowing long is beautifull turkey.
    aleko and stelyo is important in our historical.
    Aleko and Stelyo, greek greenfinch master.
    We they like beautifull greenfinch educate

  2. Φοίβος

    Φοίβος PB Supporter Article Writer

    Welcome to the forum!:)
  3. headdat

    headdat PB New Member

    thanks my friend
  4. welcome to the forum and thank you for giving us the opportunity to hear those lovely voices.
  5. headdat

    headdat PB New Member

    You teached us greenfinch and carduelis carduelis. Old greek and turks good friends. Our historical Aleko and Stelyo famous bird teacher :) On you there guess greenfinch teacher.